A thoughtful and useful report on the Aaron Swartz tragedy

This (http://swartz-report.mit.edu/docs/report-to-the-president.pdf) is a report that Professor Abelson helped author on the behalf of MIT. It is chock full of lessons for education institutions, libraries and the larger academic ecosystem, including the ancillary industries. Although section V is focused on questions for MIT, many of those same questions will find wider resonance.


Innovation to grow (and track the growth of children).

I've written in the past about the bottleneck in innovation in electronic health records and how the design of such systems with substitutable "apps" would go a long way towards overcoming that bottleneck. In that context, hats off to the design team at Fjord who just won the prestigious Red Dot design award for their growth chart/growth tracking applications that are now being adopted by several vendors.