Let the games begin!

Do you think that you can create the new software app that will revolutionize healthcare? Do you agree that substitutability will allow us all to innovate healthcare practice? As detailed on the challenge.gov website, there is now a very short term opportunity to "walk the talk" for a modest prize and immodest glory.

t SMArt Challenge


Neat or scruffy?

Is your desk topped by the monumental accreta of your work or does it retain it's pure sheen of Scandinavian simplicity? It turns out that the dichotomy between the "Neats" and the "Scruffies" cuts across several broad swathes of the human condition. Among these are the archane arts of taxonomization and representation so well known to librarians, botanists, and engineers working on electronic health record interoperability. On the latter topic, the President's Council of Advisors on Science and Technology, (PCAST) report has issued a report on how health information technology will or will not be effectively used to improve healthcare. Given the work we are pursuing on substitutability, our own Ben Adida shared a perspective on the report.